Peezy is...


Unlike other calling cards and long-distance calling services, Peezy can be used from any phone, anywhere. You don't have to purchase a Smartphone, make calls from your computer or pay a monthly subscription fee for our standard services (a monthly fee applies for all Peezy Regional Calling Plans).

With Peezy, you also have the convenience of features like PINless Dialing and Speed Dial capabilities that make your calling experience simple.


Connection fees. Disconnect fees. Service charges. Tired of ridiculous phone card rates and extra charges? With Peezy, you only pay for the calls you make, it's that eezy!

Peezy is a pre-paid service so you have complete control over what amount you would like to spend. You can recharge your account with as little as $10 and there will never be any additional charges, fees or taxes from us. Also, with our services you can always check your call and billing history simply by logging in to your account online! Peezy offers affordable rates to locations world wide! Click here to open your account today!


We work hard to ensure our customers achieve the best connections through our networks. Peezy is a product of InterraNetworks Inc., a leading provider of next generation IP products with a focus on the emerging African, Caribbean and South East Asian markets.

Our robust, proprietary platform, GITS (Global Integrated Traffic System), enables us to provide our customers with secure, high quality and low cost international calling.


Our Peezy Points Customer Rewards Program ensures that you get rewarded for everything you do on Whether you recharge your account, purchase a gift certificate, or refer a friend, you will always be rewarded with Peezy Points that are redeemable for FREE CREDIT to your Peezy account.

Our technical support team is available 24/7 via e-mail and our live support team is available Monday-Friday from 8AM-8PM EST, and 10AM-6PM EST Saturday and Sunday. We stand firmly by our product, if you are having issues or are not satisfied don't hesitate to contact one of our friendly customer support agents. As members of the Better Business Bureau we go above and beyond to abide by its principles.

We are a telecommunications company that cares about you! You can always depend on Peezy to give you a lasting connection.