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How can I buy a Peezy Gift Certificate?

    1. Fill out the information requested, the email address must be valid
    2. Select an amount
    3. Charge the certificate to any of the credit cards that are on file and send your gift instantly!
Do I have to have a Peezy account to buy someone a Peezy gift certificate?

Who can I buy a gift certificate for?

I do not have all of the contact information for the person I want to give the Peezy Gift certificate to, what now?

My friend already has a Peezy account can I still give them a gift certificate?

I have received a Peezy Gift Certificate, how can I redeem it?

I have redeemed my Peezy gift Certificate, can I use the Peezy Features?

I have received a gift certificate and claimed it, how do I recharge?

I purchased a gift certificate for someone and they no longer use that email address, how can they retrieve their activation link?

Does the Peezy Gift Certificate expire?