What is Peezy?
Simply put, Peezy is a virtual phone card with a lot of convenient features!

Peezy is a calling service with all the benefits of a traditional phone card - low rates, make calls from any phone (in the US and Canda), prepaid, no contracts, no commitments, but without the disadvantages of a traditional phone card:

  • Peezy never gets lost, it's virtual!
  • you don't need a PIN number to call - we provide PINless dialing
  • no hidden charges - we are a member of the Better Business Bureau; we will keep our word
  • no "disappearing" minutes - what you see is what you get, period
  • lets you redial last number - simply dial "0#" and your last dialed number will be redialed
  • you don't need to run out to the convenience store - just click on the "SIGN ME UP" button
  • you never run out of minutes - use our convenient auto-charge option
  • get friendly and fair service - at Peezy you are a customer not just a $5 card
  • Start enjoying the convenience you deserve, but have been deprived of using phone cards; make calls anytime from anywhere. Peezy can be used from the 48 contiguous US states and Canada (Europe & Asia are coming soon) and a credit or debit card is required to purchase a pre-paid account.
    How does Peezy work?
    1. SIGN UP

    Just click on the "SIGN ME UP" button. Provide us with some account information - your name, email address, phone number and a 4-digit PIN. We'll send you a secure link to ensure your email is valid. Click on this link and using a credit or debit card you can securely purchase a pre-paid account. Remember, we'll give you an additional $2 free when you complete the sign up*

    2. Enter your PINless (PIN Eezy) and Speed dial numbers (Dial Eezy)

    Peezy is definitely about your convenience. You can set up numbers you frequently dial from (PIN Eezy) and those you frequently dial to (Dial Eezy). You can make calls from PIN Eezy numbers without entering those long PIN numbers. And with Dial Eezy, you no longer need to dial those long international phone numbers - just hit 2 keys and start talking! That simple.

    3. Start talking!

    Just dial 1-866 MY-PEEZY and enjoy clear and convenient calling! Peezy will work just like your traditional calling card, except with (you don't have to enter an account or PIN number!); it's that simple! Remember, refer a friend to Peezy and get $3 free!

    *$2 offer is valid for only new Peezy accounts. This is a Peezy promotional offer and is subject to Peezy terms and conditions.
    What feautures does Peezy offer?
    Peezy is rich with convenient features that will redefine your international calling experience:
  • Speed Dialing - make an international call with 3 keystrokes!
  • PINless Dialing - no need to dial those long PIN numbers!
  • Last number redial - redialing your last dialed number is now so eezy!
  • Auto Recharge - never run out of minutes to make your important calls!
  • View your call history online - see every call you made, how long you spent and how much we charged you!
  • View your billing history online - track how much you spend on international calls and see how much you save using Peezy!
  • Great Customer Service! - experience the difference; get treated like a customer and not just $5; we want to exceed your expectations!

  • A new generation of phone card has arrived! Get Peezy - the smart phone card alternative!

    What is the "Peezy Advantage"?
    Aside from clear calls, cost, customer service and reliability our great features will finally provide you with convenient international calling!
    Ever wanted to make an international call without the hassle of a traditional phone card? How about an international call while driving? Well, Peezy is your answer! Our service provides you with the best hassle free phone card experience. We offer convenience, affordability and reliability with exceptional customer service.

    Peezy provides you with great rates everywhere, but we have a specific focus on the emerging markets of Africa and the Caribbean - those "hard to reach" places that the phone companies charge you an "arm and a leg" to call; well, we comfortably carry your call there at great rates and convenience. With Peezy you truly get the best access to the world!

    We are a member of the Better Business Bureau and as such promise to abide by the principles it espouses. With us, you have a telecommunications company that cares about you!
    Peezy is a service of Interra Networks Inc. a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and a provider of international long distance carrier services for telecommunications companies around the world with specific emphasis on the emerging markets of Africa and the Caribbean. For more information on our company, our underlying network and proprietary technology, please click here.

    Is Peezy Secure?


    For more information on what we have done to secure your transactions and our company from malicious attacks, please click here.
    The truth is that fraudulent transactions hurt us more than you might know. For instance, while you can ask for a refund from your financial institution, we can't. On top of that, we actually get fined for every fraudulent transaction! What that means to you the consumer is not only financial protection, but also the knowledge that you are transacting business with a company that has your security at the forefront of our affairs! Like you, we simply want to conduct business online safely and securely. Rest assured that we continue investing heavily in ensuring your security.

    Please contact us should you have any further questins, comments or suggestions about how we can better secure you and us.